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International Year of Co-operatives

Since the co-op began in 1976, we have remained firmly committed to our founding values — values like integrity, openness, social responsibility, and respect for the environment. We have always considered the way we do business an essential part of our success — and we consider it a requirement of our success that we grow and prosper by contributing to the world rather than exploiting it.

Frontier Co-op is owned by our wholesale customers. These customers provide the capital for the business to operate and take responsibility as member/owners of Frontier through an elected Board of Directors.

We feel this special relationship of ownership is at the heart of our success. Not only do we have unique insight into natural products by having our member/owners in direct contact with the consumers of the products, the co-op structure has fostered our honest, responsible business practices that are increasingly valued in the marketplace. To learn more about co-ops, click here and explore the seven principles of co-operative businesses.

A sentence that came out of one of Frontier's earliest planning sessions expresses one of our most important commitments: "In all that we do, at all times and with all people, we will conduct our affairs and the affairs of the company with absolute integrity." We apply this test to everything from our product ingredient decisions to the sharing of information with our customers.

We're proud to be a co-op and happy to provide a successful example of this exciting way of doing business. Although co-op membership isn't open to our retail customers, you benefit from our cooperative structure in several ways:

• The natural products stores that are part of the Frontier co-op give us valuable feedback on what you, the customers, are looking for — helping us consistently provide innovative and popular new products.

• Because our member/owners have to personally stand behind our products in their own businesses, they support the tough quality standards and thorough testing that make Frontier the quality leader in natural products.

• Frontier's member/owners insist on integrity and principled business dealings from the company they own, of course, whether those dealings are with themselves or others.

• The value of social responsibility is also clearly one that is shared with the vast majority of our member/owners. Our long-standing support for organic agriculture, fair dealings with small suppliers, community and environmental programs, and donations to responsible organizations gives our member/owners — and you — the satisfaction of knowing the purchase of Frontier products contributes to the well-being of the planet and it's inhabitants. (In one case, the contribution is very direct — one percent of all Simply Organic sales goes to organizations that support and promote organic agriculture.)

In short, we're pleased to run an honest, responsible natural products business, and we believe that's how the people who own Frontier — and the people who use our products, as well — want it to be run.

NCBA logoIf you would like additional information about cooperatives, visit the National Cooperative Business Association's website at NCBA's mission is to develop, advance, and protect cooperative enterprise. NCBA provides services and information for and about all types of cooperatives.

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