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Featured on Frontier Co-op Wholesale

As owners of Frontier, our co-op members share in our success. Every active member is given a part of the year’s net income that is in direct proportion to the amount they purchased that year from Frontier. This is called a patronage refund.

Throughout Frontiers history, our members have earned over $30 million in patronage. Some of this money is paid out immediately as cash and some is retained, which is also called deferred patronage. The patronage Frontier retains is first used to build your share account balance to the appropriate level (see the Membership FAQs for more on share requirements), with amounts beyond that being returned at a later date.

Members retain ownership of their original $10.00 membership fee, all of the money in their share account and their deferred patronage. If you should decide to terminate your membership for any reason, all your accumulated money will be returned to you. The initial membership fee and share money is returned in increments of $1000 per month. Retained patronage is returned on a regular Board-approved schedule.

For more information on abandoned patronage, click here.