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At Chosen Foods, we highlight the natural culinary wonder of the Baja Med and celebrate pure avocado-centric foods. What started with our beloved 100% Pure Avocado Oil in 2011 has since evolved to include a delicious assortment of cooking sprays, simmer sauces, dressings and mayos - all with an avocado oil base. 

Notice something a bit different? Good eye! In March 2020, we underwent a rebrand. This new look pays homage to our cross border roots in California and Mexico while also celebrating our passion for avocados. 

          Chosen FoodsChosen FoodsChosen Foods

Why do we devote everything we do to this incredible superfood? Well, that's simple! Our products make for the perfect cooking companion and there's nothing we love more than a healthy fat. At the center of all our products you'll find avocado and one of the main benefits of cooking with it is the incredibly high smoke point. With the ability to cook up to temperatures of 500 degrees, you can use our products for all types of cooking - baking, frying, sauteing and more. Secondly, avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fats (the healthy kind) so you can rest assured knowing that when cooking with Chosen Foods you have all your bases covered. 

For nearly a decade we've celebrated the power of avocados and our hope is that when you cook with Chosen Foods, our passion for the vibrant, healthy modern lifestyle of Baja Med shines through in your culinary creations. 

The avocado, celebrated!


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