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Why Frontier Co-op CBD


40 Years of Experience

You can trust the integrity of Frontier Co-op products. For over 40 years, we have become an established leader in the natural products industry with expertise in sourcing, processing and testing high-quality botanicals against rigorous standards. We’ve used this same expertise to develop our CBD products.


Grown with Extreme Care

We care about people, the planet and high-quality botanicals. Our CBD products are made from a developed strain of hemp that’s organically grown in the United States.


Superior CBD

Our rigorous, meticulous process works! We only use CBD with low temperature chromatography to protect the integrity of the active CBD constituents (phytocannabanoids, terpenes, sterols and flavonoids) while ensuring 0.0% THC. This process maintains the synergistic reactions that are vital to the quality of the final product.


Third-Party Tested for Purity

You don’t have to trust us alone. To ensure our products are of the highest quality, we third-party test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and potency. By the time the product gets to you, it’s passed a series of rigorous tests to ensure its high quality and effectiveness.


To learn more, visit cbdbyfrontier.com or contact Customer Care 1-800-669-3275.

CBD Products and Info

Topical CBD Roll-ons

Made with 750 mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, jojoba oil, pure essential oils and tocopherol (vitamin E), these roll-ons are easy to carry with you to apply any time you could use a touch of calm or rejuvenation.

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Topical CBD Salves

These 1000 mg CBD balms provide rich, nourishing benefits through gentle massage.

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CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

Specially formulated with CBD hemp extract, organic MCT oil, pure essential oils, and the essences of cinnamon, vanilla and clove, these edible hemp oil products offer an easy way to get the benefits of CBD through an oral application.

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