Honey Stinger

At Honey Stinger, they’re all about you: active athletes who dream big, enjoy adventure, and appreciate the journey. Honey Stinger is on a mission to inspire everyone to fuel their inner athlete, plus provide nutrition to power your health. Whether it's bombing down a technical track or simply trying a new workout, there's an athlete in all of us. And athletes need the right sports nutrition to meet their goals.

Honey Stinger creates sports bars, chews, and hydration that use nature's natural sweeteners to bring out your best, while still tasting great. Pushing through the burn gets a little sweeter when you actually enjoy what you're putting into your body. With sports nutrition for every ambition, Honey Stinger sweetens the burn to help you push through any challenge.

Supporting Athletes, Diversity & Inclusion

Honey Stinger is committed to athletes and sports, diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2020, they created an internal Social Change Squad and an external Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC). The Social Change Squad and AAC work together to improve relationships, behaviors, and cultural norms, supporting historically underrepresented and underprivileged groups across the US. Honey Stinger also backs the Hive, a supportive community of over 350,000 athletes, with product and apparel, access to performance experts, athlete networking, and platforms to express diversity and inclusion.

Keeping the Earth a Sweet Spot for All

Because honey is their sweet spot and bees are pollinators, Honey Stinger is committed to sustainability and climate action. They believe Earth, like the human body, needs our constant care. Preserving the land that nourishes all of us is their priority. Yes, Honey Stinger takes great pride in the selection of only the highest-quality ingredients, which include organic and non-GMO. Organic is better for the environment and human health because no pesticides are used. Without pesticides, organic foods have more beneficial nutrients; soil and water pollution are reduced.

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