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In this age of agri-business, do you care about the source, quality and safety of your food? Concerned about global economic justice? Meet Equal Exchange! By partnering with democratically-organized farmer cooperatives collectively, they’ve gained crucial market access to small farmer organizations around the world. Each one decides how to invest fair trade and organic premiums in their communities. These relationships allow Equal Exchange to secure the best crops, while continuing to develop innovative programs in collaboration with the co-ops, from crop diversification and quality trainings to women's leadership development.

Equal Exchange believes that by organizing together, we can all build a stronger, more democratic food system that puts power back in the hands of small farmer communities, alternative traders, and citizen-consumers – like you!

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Empowering Small Farms & Communities

Equal Exchange fosters economic security for owners and workers of small farms, as well as their communities. Food is traded in a way that is honest, fair, and empowers farmers. With a seat at the business table, issues like poverty wages, unsafe working conditions, and child labor are addressed and corrected. In contrast to the national trend, Equal Exchange has a 5:1 top-to-bottom pay ratio, plus excess profit distribution shared equally among worker-owners at the end of each year. Your purchase helps Equal Exchange address global climate change and the threats it poses on the livelihood of farmers and their communities.

Cultivating a Harmony with Nature

Equal Exchange works directly with farmers and co-operatives, teaching organic and sustainability methods, and ensuring their practices remain in harmony with nature. Increased soil health, greater nutrient availability, crop diversification, increased productivity levels, greater biodiversity, and the establishment of crucial habitat “buffer zones” are just a few of the many environmental benefits reaped from investing in small farms. These earth-friendly results also positively influence the social and economic viability of communities, creating a holistic harmony with nature.

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