Brand of the Month: Green Sprouts

Company Story


Becky Cannon has always had a curiosity about how children can reach their full potential. After earning a degree in Child Development, Becky moved to Japan to teach and study at a kindergarten. However, this kindergarten was different from others. It used holistic philosophies and natural foods to help the children learn and grow. This inspired her to start her company, i play., inc.

While still in Japan, Becky had her first daughter, Emi. She quickly discovered all of the unique, high quality baby products with their special uses and functions. On top of that, they were all made from natural materials with beautiful designs.

Becky moved back to the U.S. and had her second daughter, Mari. All of the cute and functional features she had experienced before became the standard for her business. What started out as one mail-order item, is now a Family of Brands with hundreds of natural baby products.

Today, Becky, Emi, and Mari are a mother-daughter team of owners that are continually striving to improve how children develop through the use of their wide-range of products. Many years of research, development, manufacturing, and commitment has led to the development of babies for generations.


Product Principles


Green Sprouts, along with each member of the I play., inc. Family of Brands, pays close attention to the perspective of the baby and the lifestyle priorities of the parents. The product development process is guided by their essential principles of child development, health and safety, the natural world, and functionality.

Child Development: Green Sprouts encourages whole learning at various stages; from newborn to three years old. Products feature age-appropriate features need to support a child’s growth and development.

Health & Safety: Health and Safety has been a focus of Green Sprouts for over 30 years. They believe it is their responsibility to ensure quality natural materials that avoid harmful substances and they do this through research and testing.

Natural World: Green Sprouts minimizes their environmental impact by sourcing materials that are renewable, recycled or recyclable for their products.

Function: When it comes to function, Green Sprouts designs products that provide comfort for your young one and convenience for you, the parent.

When it comes to your young one, Green Sprouts is focused on safer materials, whole learning, and natural health.