Brand of the Month: Earth Friendly Products

Our Story:


We believe that what’s on the inside counts. That’s why we’ve spent nearly 50 years creating and perfecting thoughtfully sourced cleaners that work great and are safer for people and the planet.

Family owned and operated since 1967, we are a team of mothers, fathers, chemists, visionaries and pioneers who passionately uphold the idea that everyone should have access to delightful, affordable cleaning products. Inspired by our founder Van Vlahakis, every day we continue to innovate green science with our ECOS® lines of environmentally friendly products that work great at a fraction of the price of other green cleaners.

Our Ingredients:


Earth Friendly Product uses the best materials and maintain the strictest environmental standards surpassing the industry’s currently green credentials. Their products are made from natural organic plants and renewable minerals such as lemon oil, olive oil, lavender, coconuts, cedar oil, parsley essence, earth salts, cotton blossom oils, and tea tree oil.

Ingredients are researched for what’s called ‘Responsible Sustainability’, such as: Is this from a rainforest? Is it needed in the area to sustain any endangered wildlife? Are workers given a fair wage for their labor?

Earth Friendly Products uses as many N.O..P. Certified Organic essential oils as possible. The products then go through an intense testing process both in-house and with consumer testing agency. They are then submitted to third party testing. Every cleaning product is formaldehyde free and the result of research and development.

Over 100 of our ECOS® products have received the coveted U.S. EPA Safer Choice certification, which means that every ingredient we’ve selected is the safest in its class. Earth Friendly Products was also the first company to eliminate 1,4 Dioxane — a carcinogen — from all products, as well as formaldehyde, a pernicious toxin. Earth Friendly Products is an industry leader as they were the first to discontinue using salts in their products. This protects the water supplies.


Our Manufacturing:


They’re made in our four Platinum Zero Waste certified factories in the USA using thoughtfully sourced global ingredients, and are made without dyes, pH balanced, readily biodegradable, never tested on animals, and our packaging is easily recyclable.

Making ECOS™ in our four carbon-neutral plants has enabled us to keep prices low and quality high, shattering the myth that buying “green” has to be expensive. Formulated with pure, thoughtful science and manufactured using Zero-Waste guidelines, ECOS is made in facilities powered by renewable energy. Created with mindful ingredients that are safer for people and the planet, ECOS is the delightfully Plantlicious™ way to protect your family and home.


Our Promise


We promise to make green cleaning a reality for all by using sustainable practices that protect people and the planet. By formulating products from the goodness of plants in facilities powered by 100% renewable energy, we empower a natural clean at a price you can afford. Made with love from the inside out, we hope you’ll experience the difference in each bottle of ECOS.