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Brand of the Month: Stash Tea

Stash Tea boasts a collection of over 70 tea bag flavors made from all-natural, Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. Sourced from the finest growing regions, Stash partners with trusted farmers and suppliers to carefully select tea leaves, herbs, and spices from around the globe. As a proud B Corporation, using thoughtful actions to create a more sustainable future for our planet is part of Stash’s mission. Stash’s selection of teas includes a line of USDA Organic Certified blends using select Fair Trade ingredients.


Mint from the Pacific Northwest

The most flavorful, fragrant, and potent mint in the world grows right in Stash’s own Pacific Northwest backyard. Cultivated in rich, nutrient dense soil, mint from this region has a distinctly high menthol content — a result of the unique microclimates of the Pacific Northwest. Stash was the first to use this renowned peppermint for teamaking over 40 years ago, and decades later Stash is still partnered with their original supplier as well as several other local growers in Oregon and Washington. That perfect aromatic sip is the culmination of exceptionally flavorful mint, years of collaboration, and authentic long-term relationships with local producers founded on decades of renewed business together.


Green Tea from Brazil

Stash uses premium green tea sourced from Yamamotoyama’s Brazil Tea Garden. Founded in Tokyo in 1690 and a household name in Japan, Yamamotoyama is a family-owned company specializing in green tea production. With a culture of innovation and an ongoing pursuit to create the perfect green tea, Yamamotoyama established their own tea garden in Brazil in 1970. The soil and weather are perfect for tea growing, and the gardens support local employment in developing communities. Beautifully handled leaves are steam processed in the traditional Japanese style to preserve the flavor, fragrance, and color of the fresh leaf.


Bergamot from Italy

Calabria, Italy is one of the few places in the world where the bergamot tree grows successfully. Stash uses only 100% pure bergamot oil sourced from this region in their Earl Grey teas, bringing through a superior citrusy flavor.