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Brand of the Month: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation has worked hard over the last 28 years to create plant-based products that serve as healthy solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people. As a proud certified B Corporation, Seventh Generation focuses on making a difference by reducing their environmental impact, increasing performance and safety and creating a more sustainable supply chain. This can be seen through every step in the process; from development of products, purchase, use and disposal. seventh generation laundry

Caring for the environment and its natural resources are a focal point of Seventh Generation's mission. The Seventh Generation Foundation focuses on stewarding social and environmental progress in the communities they live, work and do business with. The foundation provides grants to organizations who promote and improve environmental conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and human health and social welfare. Employees also get involved by volunteering within their communities. Seventh Generation challenges their employees to complete 1% of their time volunteering, resulting in a yearly company goal of 2,400 community volunteer hours. Seventh Generation Free & Clear

On top of creating powerful plant-based solutions, Seventh Generation is also actively involved in the #ComeClean campaign. This campaign is designed to protect consumers by requiring ingredient disclosure on cleaning product labels. Seventh Generation is leading the movement to pass the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act and supporting the California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act.

Seventh Generation sees every day as a new opportunity to care for the next seven generations. This belief can be seen throughout the organization; from employees dedicating their time to volunteering, the company's desire to protect the environment and the Seventh Generation Foundation's focus on social and environmental progress.