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Brand of the Month: Seven Sundays

Our Story

It all started with a honeymoon to New Zealand. Over the course of 6 weeks of hiking and camping, a nourishing breakfast became extra important. Muesli became a staple, and breakfast became more than a meal. It was a time - a time spent together, reflecting, refueling and planning our next adventure. Not long after returning home, we were craving a simpler life and that New Zealand-style muesli. When we could not find a good muesli option in stores, Hannah did her best to replicate the recipe in our tiny New York apartment. It turned out too good to keep to ourselves, so after moving home to Minnesota, we decided to share it with others. Our first bag of muesli was sold at a Minneapolis farmer's market in the Summer of 2011. For the next few years, Hannah bootstrapped the business with an old Raleigh bike and trailer, a friend’s restaurant kitchen and a basement office. Our family and business have grown quite a bit since then, but these humble roots continue to shape our business today.


Our Mission

We are out to flip the breakfast aisle on its head. In a space dominated by big companies producing sugary, float-in-your-milk cereals, we are providing something completely different - minimally processed whole grains, nuts and seeds sweetened only with fruit and organic honey. Real food prepared simply, the way nature intended. Along the way we hope to inspire a simpler and healthier way of eating and living.


Our Intention

We are not a perfect company, not even close, but we have nothing but good intentions. Having only 3 full time employees, there is a lot of "bootstrapping." At the same time, we don't answer to anyone (except our customers, of course), which means that our mission comes before the pursuit of profits. We strive to deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. For us, that means sourcing plant-based, nutrient dense ingredients that are as close to home and as clean as possible, i.e. no preservatives or artificial anything. And of course, no GMOs. Above all, we promise to be painfully honest and transparent in everything we do.


Our Community

All of this has involved support from a crazy amount of people - the farmers who grow our ingredients, our manufacturing and distributing partners, family and friends that watch our boys, our employees (also mostly family), and a community that supports good, local food. We've been doing our best to pay it forward and will continue to do more as we grow. Some of our best days are spent volunteering at the Good Grocer and or helping to reduce childhood hunger with good folks at the Sheridan Story. In 2017, we are beyond excited to have committed 1% of our sales toward helping keep students' minds and bellies full at Stonebridge World School in South Minneapolis.


The Name Explained

In our family, Sundays are the days we live most simply and deliberately, which, according to Thoreau, is "to front only the essential facts of life." This means taking time for ourselves, ditching our phones, and starting more intentionally in order to gain the right perspective for the day and week ahead. We realize Sundays can be a little different for everyone, but for us, this day of the week is special and embodies our passion, our brand and our chosen lifestyle. Our goal is to apply that simple Sunday frame of mind to EVERY DAY.