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Brand of the Month: Eco Nuts

Our Story:

Eco Nuts was established in 2009, and manufactures organic home cleaning products in earth friendly packaging for planet-conscious consumers. We provide everything from laundry detergent, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, and veggie wash all in certified organic formulas. We package all of our products in sustainable, easy-to-recycle containers and even offer bulk sizing and super concentrated formulas to limit our environmental impact. We have a dedication to using the safest, highest quality ingredients for our customers so they can feel good about the cleaners they are exposing their families to; no harsh odors, no chemical residues, and no fake filler ingredients. Just wholesome, super effective cleaning power. Eco Nuts is great for people with sensitivities to traditional detergents and fragrances, providing many of our customers with relief from skin allergies and other issues.

Safe Ingredients:

Eco Nuts offers the healthiest cleaning options for your home. Whether you have a newborn child, skin sensitivities, or simply want to green your cleaning routine. Eco Nuts products are the safest choice for your family. From our laundry lineup to our household cleaners, all of our products are plant-based with simple ingredients and no hidden toxins. You will find that they are incredibly gentle without sacrificing any cleaning power, and you will never want to go back to traditional detergents or cleaners again! It’s time to ditch the harsh chemicals and go for the greener clean - an easy choice to make when it comes to protecting your family.

Our Packaging

You’ll see our laundry detergents come in much smaller bottles. These concentrated formulas offer the same amount of cleaning but you use less. This saves packaging, water, and shipping costs. At Eco Nuts, we know that plastic is no good for our planet, and that there is already far too much of it in existence! So, we refuse to contribute to the problem – we’re dedicated to using little to no plastic in our packaging. Thanks to our awesome customers, Eco Nuts has already eliminated over 1 million plastic bottles from ever being used. You can see how much impact your purchase makes in this handy chart below. We use biodegradable paperboard (FSC Certified Paper and Soy Ink) for our solid products and highly recyclable aluminum for our liquid products. The only plastic we use is for the pump-tops and spray-tops for our aluminum bottles, since there isn’t a better alternative available for those…yet! We also offer refill containers for all of our liquid products. The refill is in a wine box style, which uses 70% less plastic than a typical plastic jug of the same capacity. From water-saving machinery to reusing recycled paper and cardboard boxes as many times as possible, we are mindful of our footprint.


Environmental and Social Responsibility

We source our materials ethically. Our soap berries come from Nepal, where they grow in their natural state without pesticides or fertilizers. They are wild harvested once a year, and we receive the highest quality berries from the harvest. After they have been shipped to us, our berries then undergo our proprietary sorting process to assure that we are providing you with the best of the best. Our Wool for our Dryer Balls comes from happy sheep in New Zealand who are protected by the country’s extensive laws and regulations. The sheep’s health and safety are top priorities of the farmers, because they know that well-cared-for sheep make better wool. With New Zealand’s leading shearing techniques, when the wool is removed from their sheep, it is completely painless. The wool is then sent to Nepal to be made into balls. We employ many women and all of our employees are working in a safe, equitable environment and paid Fair Trade wages. We are pleased to have such a strong business relationship with Nepal, as it contributes to restoring their infrastructure and rebuilding after their devastating earthquake in April 2015.

Organic Ingredients

Our soap berries and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. Many organic crops – including our soap berries – are wild harvested. This means they were grown in their indigenous habitat without human intervention or cultivation and harvested according to guidelines that emphasize minimal environmental impact with long-term sustainability in mind.