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Brand of the Month: BIOSOLIS

Can you enjoy the pleasures of the sun while protecting yourself and still respecting nature? BIOSOLIS, a sun care company, believes in an alliance between ecological responsibility and fun in the sun! BIOSOLIS

The time-old debate when it comes to sun care is if mineral sunscreens are as protective as chemical sunscreens. What many do not know is that chemical sunscreens are absorbed by the skin and are not effective until 30 minutes after application. They carry viruses that have been linked to being responsible for the destruction of coral reefs. Mineral sunscreens on the other hand are free of nanoparticles; therefore, it remains on the skin’s surface and has a high level of protection from UVA and UVB rays. BIOSOLIS mineral sunscreens are easy to apply, effective immediately and water resistant. BioSolis products

BIOSOLIS believes in using ingredients that are not only good for your body but good for the environment too. Many of their products use vegetable oils and plant extracts to nourish, hydrate and protect skin in a soft and effective manner. No more hiding from the sun, the natural and mineral ingredients found in BIOSOLIS products will keep you protected!