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Brand of the Month: Biokleen

Biokleen is a pioneering brand of plant- and mineral-based, non-toxic home cleaning products. Founded in 1989, in a Portland, Oregon garage, our company has remained family-owned and operated for 25 years, growing from local, independent health stores to national supermarkets and online retailers.


At Biokleen, we envision a world in which clean homes are toxin-free homes. From Jim Rimer’s first bottle of All Purpose Cleaner II, we’ve strived to replace the conventional, chemical cleaners with products that are tough on dirt, but gentler on our families, pets and planet. Our Laundry, Kitchen, Household and Bac-Out® Collections are free of phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, butyl, glycol ether and more—as well as the synthetic colors, artificial fragrances and optic brighteners some other natural companies still use.
As the first brand to offer ultra-concentrated formulas, we work to decrease our footprint—and the footprints of our customers—by innovating products that use less water, less packaging and less shipping emissions, and return those savings to the families who need them.

For 25 years, we’ve stayed committed to manufacturing our own products, without corporate interest or investor profit motivations. Now led by Jim’s daughter, Cindy Rimer, and her husband, Barry Firth, we believe we can increase the performance, safety and sustainability of our cleaners through American jobs and day-to-day factory oversight. That’s why every Biokleen box and bottle is made and packaged in our own Vancouver, Washington facility, where we offset 100% of our water and energy usage.