The Whole Essential Oil Story: Better Than Ever Before


Consumers need how-to-use essential oil information as much as they need the actual oils themselves. With the popularity of the oils booming and newbie companies proliferating, the information being shared can sometimes promise wildly unfounded medical claims and potentially unsafe usage directions. In addition, the true identity, quality and uniqueness of each essential oil can get muddled, or worse, misconstrued in the confusing and saturated essential oil market today.

Aura Cacia has been cultivating its leadership of the essential oil category since the 1980s and recognizes the need to tell the whole story of every oil it offers. That’s why Aura Cacia has developed the most complete and helpful essential oil label on store shelves today. The brand’s new extended-content label covers all the features and benefits of its oils with a simple peel-back label containing a double layer of essential oil sourcing, quality, recipe, quick-use, dilution and safety details. Customers won’t just be armed with some of the best essential oils available, they’ll be armed with expert information as well.

Aura Cacia New Labels

Important notes for retailers:

  • There will be NO UPC CHANGES as a result of this label change.
  • This is a flow-through change that is beginning in May 2018 and will continue for several months. During this time, you may receive a combination of old and new labels in your order.
  • Frontier Co-op will not accept returns for old labeled product, so please rotate your stock.