10 Benefits of Becoming a Co-op Member


Low Prices:


Being a wholesale member-owner gives you access to 300 brands and 10,000+ natural products at less than retail prices. Cutting out the middleman translates to bigger savings for you and your customers. Order one unit, a case or a handful — you'll get great quality products at great prices.


Exclusive Discounts and Closeouts:


On top of our already low prices, members get access to closeouts (items to be discontinued), on-sale products and other promotions throughout the year. These values are offered to member-owners on our wholesale website and in monthly sales catalogs and e-newsletters.




As owners of Frontier, our co-op members share in our success. Every active member is given a part of the year’s net income that is in direct proportion to the amount they purchased that year from Frontier. This is called a patronage refund.


Actually Being an Owner:


Our members, not outside investors, own the business and define its direction. Not only do members provide the capital for the business, they also elect a Board of Directors to approve the way the money is spent and define the future direction of the company.


Curated Product Information:


We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Our robust product pages feature not only the image and product name, but also a detailed description, uses, directions, safety information, origin and other attributes you care about (like Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Non-GMO, paraben-free and more). We’re truly a one-stop shop.


Trusted Natural Brands:


Because our member/owners have to personally stand behind our products in their own businesses, they support the tough quality standards and rigorous testing that make Frontier the quality leader in natural products. Our members-owners also place a great deal of trust knowing that we’re selective in what products we bring on and who we partner with.


Excellent Customer Service:


We’re real people and we love what we do – you call us and we’ll answer. Our job is to assist you by helping answer questions, thoroughly explaining the details of your transaction and ensuring that your order is delivered on-time. We’re open Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM CST – give us a call, we’re happy to talk to you!


Co-op Heritage:


Not only do we have unique insight into natural products by having our member/owners in direct contact with the consumers of the products, the co-op structure has fostered our honest, responsible business practices that are increasingly valued in the marketplace.


Social Responsibility & Sustainability:


Our long-standing support for organic agriculture, fair dealings with small suppliers, community and environmental programs, and donations to responsible organizations gives our member/owners the satisfaction of knowing the purchase of Frontier products contributes to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Through programs like our own comprehensive sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, and our purchasing Fair Trade Certified products, we help growers develop certified organic, sustainable production methods and improve social conditions for workers, their families and their communities.


Giving Back:


Frontier Co-op has a long and proud tradition of giving back to the people and communities we do business with, both through funds based on the sales of our Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands and through the Frontier Foundation. The Frontier Foundation was established in 2000 as a philanthropic organization to support social, educational, and environmental causes. The Foundation has made grants totaling over half a million dollars to a variety of charities and organizations including Trees Forever, The Organic Center, The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) and the American Botanical Council (ABC). Many members of Frontier donate the funds they receive as their share of Frontier profits to do good by simply not cashing their patronage checks and letting the money go automatically to the Frontier Foundation.


In short, we're pleased to run an honest, responsible natural products business, and we believe that's how the people who own Frontier — and the people who use our products, as well — want it to be run.

We encourage you to read up on our membership options to find the best fit for you.