How to Host an Essential Oil Party: 5 Tips to Support Your Customers

In-home essential oil parties are all the rave. It is opportunity to share knowledge, recipes and experience with essential oils with friends and family without uncomfortable sales pitches or pressure to buy. Encourage and support your customers in hosting their own party using Aura Cacia products with these 5 easy steps:


1.      Invites and Invitees. Consider limiting the group to around 12 members. The essential oil learning club will be more intimate, plus a smaller group makes planning and meeting logistics more manageable.

2.      Themes. For ready-made learning themes, we suggest looking at holiday-focused recipes such as gifts, perfume, diffusions or home cleaning, or encourage customers to come up with their own themes. Research to develop the learning activity and discussion. Be sure to research the oil being used and note any unique safety recommendations (i.e. cinnamon irritates the skin, bergamot orange should not be used in sunlight, etc.)

3.       Essential Oil(s) and Ingredients. Obtain the essential oils needed for the learning party and provide them to the group. Or divvy up the list and assign items to invitees ahead of meeting. Shoot for a modest spending target of $5 to $7 per person which can be covered by the host or pooled from the participants.

4.      Learning. Make discussion part of the learning party. Encourage questions and shared research with all of the participants gathering and sharing information about the topic at hand. Two recipes/products is a good goal to shoot for. For the best flow, set up ingredients and directions at stations that participants can take turns at and then experience the completed products as a group.