DIY Body Care with Essential Oils: 5 Reasons Customers Should Make Their Own

DIY body care products can be very rewarding for a variety of reasons. From having control over what goes in them, to customizing according to preferences, to reducing waste, saving money and more. This winter season, encourage customers to make their own personal care products and offer insights, support and product suggestions to get them started. Call your Inside Sales representative for themes, ideas, recipes and sales support.

5 Reasons Customers Should Make Their Own Personal Care Products


1. They can decide what goes in them

When making their DIY body care products, customers know exactly what's in them. More and more customers are choosing to reduce their exposure to the common preservatives, fragrance and color chemicals found in many commercial body care products. Aura Cacia Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter is one DIY ingredient that doesn't require a preservative or fragrance and is infinitely useful as a stabilizing thickener and emulsifier in homemade creams, lotions and body butters.

2. They can customize according to their needs and preferences

DIY body care products let customers customize the aroma, batch size and benefit for customers’ own personal preferences and needs. Need a relaxing massage recipe? Just mix a small amount of skin care oil with a gentle essential oil like lavender or neroli. Want a soap-free hand gel with a purifying benefit? Mix aloe vera gel with tea tree essential oil.

3. They can reduce waste

DIY body care products helps reduce waste because less unused product is thrown away. Amber glass is the premium container for DIY products because it's recyclable, dishwasher safe and provides great protection against light degradation. Cut down on plastic waste by encouraging customers to reuse amber glass bottles over and over again.

4. They can save money

In addition to other great reasons, DIY body care products can save money because customers buy ingredients in bulk and make just the amount they need. Aura Cacia skin care oils, for example, come in a variety of sizes so for instance, a customer could buy a 16-ounce container of sweet almond oil and fill a single 2-ounce amber glass bottle with a sweet almond oil based bath, body or massage oil 8 times over rather than buying the products 8 times.

5. They can engage in simplicity and mindfulness

Finally, when customers engage in the practice of making their own body care products, they engage in simplicity and mindfulness. The process can be approachable for anyone who cares to be creative, cares about what they put on their body and cares about the impact those products have in the world. Customers don't need to be a cosmetic formulator with a technical degree in product development when so many easy-to-make recipes are available and you have access to ingredients like Aura Cacia DIY Body Care Blends. They take the guess work out of essential oil blending for DIY body care. They offer a great aroma plus benefit solution for just about any DIY body care application you can think of.