Wholesale Website Update

To our Frontier Members:


I am pleased to announce that we have made improvements to our wholesale website that will improve your overall shopping experience. These improvements include:


1. The Quick Order Form – All issues regarding timing out and duplicate items in your cart have been resolved. Also included in this fix is the added ability to upload a CSV or comma-separated file. We know this has been a significant source of frustration since our relaunch of the site and deeply apologize for how long this has taken to resolve.

2. “Back Button” – In the past, a common problem when browsing for products occurred while hitting the back button. Rather than returning to the previous page, it would return to page 1 of the search results. This annoying issue has been fixed.

3. Search Improvements – We continuously work on the quality of our search results and have made some changes to improve the results of your search, particularly on multiple word searches. We’re still working on this segment, but you should notice a improvement.

4. Zero Dollar Carts – We have resolved the issue that occurred when added products from the Shelf or Wish List would show up with a price of $0. Previously, a page refresh was required to update the correct price. A refresh is no longer necessary and this issue is cleared up.


Our track record the past two years with the wholesale website has been unacceptable. Intended improvements became steps backward and we are truly sorry for the problems we have created for our Co-op members. With that being said, we will not quit until we have a best in class wholesale website. These improvements are crucial steps in the right direction and I wanted to share them with all of you.


As always, we appreciate your feedback and take it seriously. Please continue to share any questions or concerns.



Clint Landis

Senior Vice President, Business Development