All About Our Packing Peanuts


Plastic polystyrene packing peanuts (try saying that five times fast) are a pernicious problem. Those white, “S-shaped” pieces of foam contaminate the planet and take hundreds of years to decompose. Countless companies use them to protect the items they’re shipping, but not Frontier Co-op.

Our packing peanuts are different. Ours are foamless and 100-percent biodegradable. Using starch-based pellets, we puff the peanuts up right here on-site. As a result, we eliminate the need for weekly truck shipments of conventional packing peanuts and that saves us thousands of dollars in fuel costs while reducing our carbon footprint.



Let’s put it in perspective: one pallet of starch pellets (made from corn or potatoes) produces enough biodegradable peanuts to fill a 53-foot trailer. Here in the Midwest, manufacturers typically haul that truck from Minneapolis, MN. With our shipping volume, we’d need a full truck shipment at least once a week! Instead, we ship a truckload of starch pellets twelve times a year to make all the packing peanuts we need. That equates to roughly $78,000 in savings per year! We have two goals when it comes to shipping materials: we want to protect the products you buy from us and we want to minimize our impact on the environment. From our recyclable boxes to our all-natural peanuts to the soy-based ink used for printing, we’re proud to say we’re sustainable in every way.