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Getting the Most out of Your Essential Oils: 7 Tips for Retailer Success

Essential oils can be intimidating—there’s no doubt about it—but they don’t have to be. In fact, you’ll find that getting to know aromatherapy a little better is not only fun, but it will be a valuable asset to your business and, best of all, to your customers. Increasing your aromatherapy knowledge means you’re adding value to your business. Take advantage of these tools and the assistance available from your Inside Sales represenative, and before you know it, your essential oil sales will be growing right in front of your eyes!

Tip 1: Maintain Fresh & Clean Testers

Because these testers are one of your strongest sales tools, keeping the essential oil testers fresh and clean should be a top priority. To ensure that your tester oils are maintaining optimal aromas, we recommend you request new tester bottles from your Inside Sales Rep approximately every six months. Keep in mind that some oils need to be replaced even more frequently.

Tip 2: Feature an Essential Oil of the Month

Every month and season presents an opportunity to sell more oils. Capitalize on these opportunities by expanding on the unique benefits that each oil can provide at these particular times.

Tip 3: Host Aromatherapy Classes & Workshops

These classes broaden your customers’ horizons, they will increase the foot traffic in your store, ultimately driving sales. These classes can be as simple as in-store demos with product making and sampling, or can be held in a more formal classroom environment. Offer discounts on all essential oil purchases following an aromatherapy clinic or demo.

Tip 4: Provide Educational Info

Creating a positive learning environment for your customers will inspire them to try new aromatherapy blends and applications—and ultimately buy more essential oils. Stock a wide variety of aromatherapy information (recipes and literature) and accessories (room and car diffusers, candle lamps, and more) near the essential oil set to increase essential oil usage and knowledge. Utilize the information that your Inside Sales Rep provides so that your customers will become more informed about essential oils.

Tip 5: Cross-Merchandise

Taking essential oils out of the traditional in-store displays and cross-merchandising in other areas will encourage your customers to see the many uses for the oils. Take advantage of the variety of products you offer in your store and broaden the perspective of your shopper. They will soon see essential oils in a different light.

Tip 6: Provide Employee Education

Many customers rely on the sales staff to help them understand what essential oils are and which ones work best to achieve desired results. Your employees are the bridge to your customers. Why not get them excited about aromatherapy so they can pass that excitement on to your customers? Educate your employees so they can share the passion and knowledge. Make their learning experience convenient for them by having employees complete an on-line aromatherapy training through our Aura Cacia Learning Portal.

Tip 7: Communicate Value & Versatility

Since the true power that lies within those little essential oil bottles is a mystery to most, take the opportunity to show your customers how versatile essential oils are. Essential oils are highly concentrated substances, and a little goes a long way—whether they are being used for homemade products, home diffusions, or simply straight out of the bottle.