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Co-op Membership: What Your $10 Gets You

For just a one-time fee of $10 (that’s right, TEN dollars), you become a lifetime member of Frontier Co-op. But, what exactly does that $10 get you? We’re glad you asked! header

1. Low prices, discounts and promotions

Being a wholesale co-op member-owner gives you access to 300 brands and 10,000+ natural products at less than retail prices. Cutting out the middle man translates to bigger savings for you and your customers. Order one unit, a case or a handful, we’re proud to offer quality products at the right prices. On top of our already low prices, members get access to close out (to be discontinued), on-sale and other promoted products throughout the year. Member-owners can find these via the wholesale website, monthly sales catalogs and e-newsletters.

2. Patronage dividend checks

As owners of Frontier, our co-op members share in our success. Every active member is given a part of the year’s net income that is in direct proportion to the amount they purchased that year from Frontier. Some members choose to put their money back into their business while many others donate their check to the Frontier Foundation.

3. Socially responsible business

Our long-standing support for organic agriculture, fair dealings with small suppliers, community and environmental programs, and donations to responsible organizations gives our member/owners — and you — the satisfaction of knowing the purchase of Frontier products contributes to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Through programs like our own comprehensive sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, and purchasing Fair Trade Certified products, we help growers develop certified organic, sustainable production methods and improve social conditions for workers and their families and communities.

4. Cooperative enterprise

Cooperative businesses are the economic application of the concept of cooperation — two or more people joining forces to accomplish something. Co-ops bring people together to own and control economic enterprises and to meet their mutual needs. There are food co-ops, housing co-ops, and daycare co-ops, for example. In Frontier's case, that need is a supply of natural products, such as spices and seasonings, herbs, and essential oils. Frontier purchases these products from around the world, processes and packages them, inventories them and fills its members orders for the products.

5. A vote in the Annual Frontier Co-op Board of Directors elections

The Frontier Co-op Board of Directors brings a broad range of experience in areas such as finance, business management, organic agriculture, co-op organization, and the natural products industry to the task of overseeing Frontier. There are six board members elected by the members, two At-Large Directors appointed by the board, and an automatic position of Management Director filled by Frontier's CEO.

6. The opportunity to serve on the Frontier Co-op Board of Directors

As the next annual Frontier Co-op Board of Directors elections approach, we want to offer our members the opportunity to participate in this year’s election not only as voters, but as candidates as well.

If you are considering being a candidate for the Frontier Co-op Board of Directors, please read carefully the Board candidate information. If you need additional information, we are happy to have you email us. To apply to be a Board candidate, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in the Board to our Nominating Committee at:

Board Nominating Committee Frontier Natural Products Co-op P.O. Box 299 Norway, IA 52318

7. The great feeling of investing in a progressive, Midwest business with a deep co-op roots and a rich heritage

Since the co-op began in 1976, we have remained firmly committed to our founding values — values like integrity, openness, social responsibility, and respect for the environment. We have always considered the way we do business an essential part of our success — and we consider it a requirement of our success that we grow and prosper by contributing to the world rather than exploiting it.