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5 Steps to Help Customers Host an Essential Oil Party

In-home essential oil parties are all the rave. It is opportunity to share knowledge, recipes and experience with essential oils with friends and family without uncomfortable sales pitches or pressure to buy.

Encourage and support your customers in hosting their own party using the Aura Cacia products you carry in store with these 5 easy steps:

  1. Invites and Invitees. Have customers limit the group to around 12 members. The essential oil learning club will be more intimate, plus a smaller group makes planning and meeting logistics more manageable.

  2. Themes. For ready-made learning themes, we suggest looking at holiday-focused recipes such as gifts, perfume, diffusions or home cleaning, or encourage customers to come up with their own themes. Research to develop the learning activity and discussion. Be sure to research the oil being used and note any unique safety recommendations (i.e. cinnamon irritates the skin, bergamot orange should not be used in sunlight, etc.).

  3. Essential Oil(s) and Ingredients. Set up a spread of suggested oils (think tier 1 or tier 2) that are versatile enough for customers creations. Provide containers, carrier oils (like jojoba, sweet almond and avocado). Guide customers to choose oils based off of the recipe/experience. Some simple DIY recipes would be a mist, diffusion or massage oil. Two recipes/products is a good goal to shoot for. For the best flow, inform hosts to set up ingredients and directions at stations that participants can take turns at and then experience the completed products as a group.

  4. Learning. Ensure that discussion is part of the learning party. Equip customers with the know-how to instruct their party guests on oils and their benefits. Your Inside Sale rep can offer you recipe pads/booklets, brochures and other supporting literature to be a resource for party hosts.

  5. For Next Time. Take the time to canvas and understand your customers (and party hosts!) for suggested topics, oils and activity to focus on for the next essential oil party!